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The Pest Sales Training Company
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Letter from Customer:
Live One on One Live Sales Training Recommendation

Excerpt from letter:
Owner of Pest and Termite Company in G.G. CA "We actually had a technician make a Sale the very next day! Not to mention that this technician had never sold anything before."

Excerpt from letter:
Owner of Termite Company H.H. CA “We were very pleased with the Seminar that was presented. It was well worth our time and investment.” The presentation was packed with simple ways to improve our Services and Sales"

Excerpt from letter:
President of Pest Control Company: “Warren is a skilled sales person and his Seminars should be very successful”

Owner of Pest Control and Termite Company. S.L.O. CA
"I thought the speaker was great and will recommend him."

Josh, Route Technician from S.L.O.Ca
“The speaker did a great job at making Sales subject matter interesting fun and easy.”

Alejandro, Pest Control Company from C.C. CA
“The Instructor was great. The presentation was well planned and executed.”

Ryan, Termite Inspector B.P.CA
“No improvement needed. Instructor was fantastic.”

Joe, Route Technician from B. F. Ca
“I learned something new during this course.”

Lawrence Route Technician from S.L.O.CA
“The course was very informative and will improve my Sales skills, the speaker was great.”

Route Technician B.P.CA
“Great! Real experience in the field type of material. Great stuff”

Technical Training: Jack, Route Technician, S. L. Arizona
“It was a good presentation and very interesting.”

Elton, Termite Inspector B.P.CA
“I learned something new from this course.”

Scott, Route Technician B.P.CA
“No improvement course was covered more thoroughly. It will help me a lot in the field.”

Michael, Pest Control Company from C.C. CA
“The course is knowledgeable. Great course.”

Technical Training: Henry, Route Technician from Tucson Az.
“Excellent presentation and very useful information will enhance service technicians.”

Boland, Route Technician from B.P.CA
“Teaching a lot of good Sales tips. Lead close tip, “What I needed.”